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At Cloudtarget, we're a customer-focused Australian marketing agency that's passionate about providing personalised experiences through customised customer journeys, email marketing, and automation strategies. We're here to help Aussie businesses forge meaningful connections with their customers by tapping into data-driven insights and state-of-the-art marketing tools.

Our strength is in designing tailored customer journeys that truly resonate with your audience. With a focus on personalisation, we assist businesses in building solid relationships with their customers, creating memorable experiences that nurture brand loyalty and fuel growth.

Email marketing remains an essential component of thriving digital campaigns, and we're dedicated to helping you unlock its full potential. Our team of experts crafts targeted, engaging, and relevant email strategies that keep your customers in the loop, captivated, and ready to take action.

In our fast-moving digital world, marketing automation is key to streamlining processes and optimising efficiency. That's why we've partnered with industry leaders like Salesforce to deliver top-notch marketing automation solutions, including the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. With these tools, businesses can effectively nurture leads, manage customer data, and execute campaigns without breaking a sweat.

Here at Cloudtarget, we take pride in helping Australian businesses succeed through personalised marketing strategies that cultivate long-lasting customer relationships. Drop us a line today to find out how we can elevate your marketing efforts and help you achieve your business goals.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you elevate your marketing efforts and achieve your business goals.

Ben Dunlop

With a decade of experience under his belt, Ben has accumulated extensive knowledge in implementing and consulting on Digital Marketing solutions across the Asia-Pacific regions. He has assisted a diverse range of clients, from prominent global brands to emerging startups, in realising cutting-edge marketing solutions using Interaction Studio, ExactTarget, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud technologies. Ben's expertise spans various industries, including retail, financial services, telecommunications, online betting, e-commerce, publishing, and technology.

Throughout his career, Ben has honed a highly collaborative approach by consulting with clients, guiding and mentoring Salesforce's technologists. He takes great pleasure in working closely with your team to enhance your in-house capabilities and championing your interests to ensure you reap the maximum benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


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